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He doubled his #bafc goal tally in the space of 90 minutes #pafc
Tweeted 8 minutes ago by BurtonMailSport
He doubled his #bafc goal tally in the space of 90 minutes #pafc
Tweeted 8 minutes ago by BurtonAlbionBM
@Jakfirst @ChrisErrington1 On the Internet, no one knows if the fans comments you are reading are genuine, a fake account, a multiple account, a troll pretending to be a long-standing fan or whatever. Internet sources are unreliable as are internet polls. #pafc @Only1Argyle #WeAreArgyle
Tweeted 11 minutes ago by McC_PAFC
Us yobs and cowards were here long before Adams arrived and we'll be here long after he's pissed off. #pafc
Tweeted 12 minutes ago by jamesargyle95
So in the space of two days Adams has called fans 'yobs' and now 'cowards', please get rid of him @SimonHallett #pafc
Tweeted 15 minutes ago by jamesargyle95
@Jakfirst @ChrisErrington1 @Jakfirst Will you please remember that internet sources are not always what they seem. Chris seems too prepared to take what he reads on the net as genuine. As a journalist you should know your sources, not just repeat what you see on Twitter. #pafc @Only1Argyle #WeAreArgyle
Tweeted 19 minutes ago by McC_PAFC
When I was putting money in the buckets to help staff pay there bills when in administration, and now After 2 wins in 20 for Adams to call me a yob for booing the terrible football, I think he needs the sack ASAP. @Only1Argyle #pafc
Tweeted 28 minutes ago by chrisworth84
Getting ready to mention the 'R' word to Derek. #pafc
Tweeted 44 minutes ago by ArgyleVoodoo
If someone walked into a shop and the manager called them a yob and a coward they’d be reported and rightly disciplined, yet at Argyle it seems to be perfectly acceptable. I’m not easily offended but this has really annoyed me 🤨 #pafc
Tweeted 54 minutes ago by jamsarnie
Anyone heard any NEW Argyle rumours, news or gossip today? What's your favourite, or most laughable!? #pafc
Tweeted an hour ago by FanzPAFC

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Oct 20Burton Albion2 - 3H
Oct 13Oxford United0 - 2A
Oct 9Swindon Town0 - 3H
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Oct 27Scunthorpe UnitedA
Nov 3SunderlandH
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